Filipa FARIA DE CARVALHO Portuguese, b. 1990

List of exhibitions


Filipa Faria de Carvalho is a Portuguese artist who was fortunate enough to grow up and live in numerous continents and countries, learning several languages as a result.
While artistic drive was present from an early age, it was through her BA in Business & Hotel Management which further exposed her to different cultures and philosophies,
that prompted a desire to pursue a career in art. Her lifetime of travel is reflected in her artwork as a continual source of inspiration.

Filipa's fascination with the diverse landscapes of the universe, in particular their interconnectedness, was a main source of creativity. This collection of paintings intends to mirror both the vastness of our galaxy, along with its delicate
and intricate details; whilst simultaneously inspiring the limitless imagination residing in the collective consciousness. The techniques used were a mixture of acrylics, resin and mixed media, creating a combination of textures reflecting both the depth and subtlety of the metaphysical. 




RA 100 Arroios Gallery, Reflections, June -July, 2017, Lisbon, Portugal 

Collective Exhibition ADAO project, Union, September 2018, Barreiro, Portugal 

Art Match Cascais no Forte da Cidadela de Cascais Art District, June 2018, Portugal

Collective exhibition, The Sculpture Factory by Matthias Contzen, December 2018, Sintra

Collective exhibition, Light/Shadows, The Sculpture Factory by Matthias Contzen, November 2019- To date, Sintra, Portugal 

Corclínica, Regresso, December 2019 - To date, Lisboa, Portugal  

Upcoming : Centro Cultural Luís de Camões, June 2019, Lisbon, Portugal 

Filipa continues to develop her projects at The Sculpture Factory, a collective art space in Sintra, Portugal.
Inauguration of the exhibition “Um Olhar Além”, October 8, 2020, Exhibition Hall of Camões - Institute of Cooperation and Language, IP, Lisbon, Portugal.
The exhibition “Um Olhar Além” is open until October 30, 2020, at the Camões Exhibition Hall, I.P. (Av. Da Liberdade, 270) and can be visited on weekdays between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm, Lisbon, Portugal.