Filipa FARIA DE CARVALHO Portuguese, b. 1990

Filipa FARIA DE CARVALHO paints the cosmic dance occurring all around us. A kaleidoscope of colors express the beauty of the Universe, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy and every size in between.  This modern day fairy brushes each canvas in swirls of color that soothe and inspire awe.  What must her dreams be like if this is how she paints?  Filipa’s paintings are a portal to a place where the veil is lifted, and the seemly mundane is exposed in all its grandeur.  Gaze at a painting by Filipa to reconnect with the beauty of all that is around us.  We live in an extraordinary world. 


"Painting is a unique portal that allows me to express the beauty I see in this world beyond the mundane. I believe that what we see externally and our perception of an art piece is a direct reflection of our experiences, limitations and dreams.”

Filipa Faria de CARVALHO