Trained in communication within press groups including Edipresse (CH), Reuters (GE), and for which, with Thierry Ehrmann, I undertook business development with private banking and the financial press. In 2003, I founded my first B2B relationship marketing company. Impacted by the economic slowdown linked to the First Gulf War, I left for Montreal and developed a market place for businesses and trades for sale that we offered to the Transcontinental Group. In 2005, I deployed this project in France under the name France PME with 80 titles from the Regional Daily Press, with which we became a major player within a few months. In 2008, detecting a strong opportunity to break the monopoly on legal announcements, I created JAL, an online ordering site incorporating all of the authorized press, which instantly became a success and was sold three years later to the group Les Echos. Simulatenously, I created ADD, a copy / cat of the JAL project for ordering obituaries, which is today the first national order site in France. Since then, several other companies have emerged, including this wonderful project, FineArt.Lease, which allows me to implement my B2B marketing strategy experience over the years as part of an activity driven by what touches me more intimately… to make art shine around us.